MV Hospital and research centre is a large, multi-specialty hospital. Our goal is to provide our patients with safe, innovative, convenient and coordinated medical care in the communities that we serve.

Our major focus is to establish and promote collaborative partnerships between individuals served, staff, families and advocates in order to maintain an environment where services, treatment and rehabilitation are provided with dignity and respect to all. The Hospital recognizes and encourages full participation from individuals served and their family members. We also recognizes the need for the training of staff, ongoing research, and the importance of family education.

The Hospital cannot achieve its mission, vision, or values and our associated goals and objectives without the help of team members and attached staff. We encourage staff at all levels of the Hospital, Individuals served, families, friends and other interested parties to become engaged and involved in the provision of care and treatment services at M V Hospital and Research centre and ask questions regarding the various aspects of the Hospital and its operations. textmain We want to ensure that your ideas, comments and concerns receive prompt and courteous attention from our staff.

Sandeep Gupta