Consultant and Centre for Clinical Studies

Centre for Psychiatry and Psycological Disorders :

1. Dr. Malay Kant ,MD

2. Dr. R Saran ,MD

3. Dr.Sandeep Kumar Gupta ,MD

Centre for Diabetes,Cardiology and Internal Medicine:

1. Dr. Sandeep kumar Gupta ,MD

2. Dr. Mohd Fahad Khan ,MD

3. Dr. Bhoovdev Singh , MBBS

4. Dr. Pankaj Rastogi ,DM

Centre for Neurological diseases :

1. Dr. Neeta Garg , MD,DNB

2. Dr. Himanshu Krishna ,MS,MCh

Centre for TB/Chest/Respiratory Disease :

1. Dr. Santosh Kumar

Centre for Bio material and Pain :

1. Dr. Shashank Tiwari ,BDS,FIOI

2. Dr. Divolika Jatana ,BDS

Centre for Ophthalmologic studies :

1. Dr. Arun Sharma , MS

Centre for Orthopedics and Joint replacement studies :

1. Dr. Kunal Bhalla ,MS

2. Dr. Vijay Kumar ,MS

Centre for Rheumatology and Immunlogy :

1. Dr. Alok Gupta ,MD ,PhD

2. Dr. Sandeep kumar Gupta ,MD

Centre for Oncology and CINV studies:

1. Dr. Manoj Kumar Srivastava , MCh

Centre for Gynecology and Obstetrics and Pediatrics :

1. Dr. Sunita Singh ,MS

2. Dr. Siddhartha Koonwar ,MD

Centre for Dermatology and Veneral diseases:

1. Dr. Rajiv Agarwal

Center for Surgery and Infectious diseases:

1. Dr. Sanjeev Mohan

2. Dr. KunalBhalla